Friday, December 11, 2009

Time is a Killer

Time is what kills us.
It makes our eyes rust within our heads.
Causing the unseen to be seen.

From closed lids we can't escape.
The numbers on the clock begin to scramble.
Heads turning in every direction.

Blackness is the emptiness of a soul.
A void that consumes our every thought.
Thoughts of going back in time.

We create a machine to take us back.
Back to where we wish we were.
Back to when things were dear.

But the clock doesn't stop.
It's fancy hands finds their way down our throats.
Waiting for the proper time to rip out hearts.

Time waits patiently.
It has no where else to go.
It has no limitations nor discrimination.

Time is a murderer.
We worship its every hour.
Sacrifice our lives to it.

Live your life till time runs out.
It will not give back what you gave it.
Give it time and you will see.
Your ashes will feed a tree.

I am not a poet.
And I know it! ;)
I like to write poems they just all suck! Really, this makes no sense when you read it, none at all. I sat here for about an hour making this up just because I was bored and I couldn't find anything better to do. So I wrote a poem! OO...and made a movie to go with it. Isn't is amazing. (Yes, I am being sarcastic) English was not my best subject in school. I hated it. Literature on the other hand I loved. I loved to read all the old stories and watch them come to life in my mind...but I can not for the life or me create a story of my own, or a poem for that matter. I have been away from school for too long. I love school. If I had a ton of money I would go to school all of my born days. It is just amazing. If I could live a number of lives I would be an Entomologist in one, a photographer in another, a chef in another, a fashion designer in another, on and on and on and on. It sucks that we as people only have one life to live. I have to many plans...I can't carry them all out in my one little life. Oh well, you can't really change that fact. I know that much. Well, thanks to you who watched my little video and read my poem. I hope you understood it more than I did! Bonjour! (Sitting too right thigh fell asleep.)

Crap..the video didn't work!

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