Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 1 > Photography Is Part Of Me

So each day I will be taking a self portrait. I am getting bored with art and am trying to think of things to do to boost my inspiration! I looked up some ideas on google and it sent me to this site that gave me really good ideas like the one I am doing now. I will also be doing a series of Broken Homes which I am excited about. Saving my money for my new camera, can't wait. I am thinking a Nikon D5000! It's got everything I want at a good price! Oh, too many choices! Yup, so here is my self portrait for today! :D
I decided to take a picture of my with a camera because I love photography. That is part of me! Self portraits are supposed to reflect ones self, I am trying to do so. Maybe in this I will figure out what my life is really about! Who knows! It is like a quest! I got this camera at a garage sale for free, I don't think it works! That sucks! I plan on getting it fixed in the future. Hope I can!

Day 1

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