Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Can Explain

I must tell you the truth!
The real reason why I created this blog was to take part of indieVISUAL's Journal Challenge.
When this year is finished and the new one (2010) begins, I will be journalizing my thoughts in drawings and paintings and pastings everyday and showing each one here in my blog. I am actually quite excited about it. I have always wanted to do this but never had the inspiration to do so. Thanks to Maddyxz she gave me the inspiration to keep a journal. Now it is up to me to keep that journal going everyday. I am sure I can take a few min out of my day to draw something I saw or something new I learned or something that made me laugh (which is real easy to do). I will probably miss a few days, I am a very forgetful person. (i.e. A few weeks ago I set my camera on the dryer to change my shirt which took me like two seconds. Within those two seconds I forgot where I put my camera, I looked everywhere in the house than it dawned on me, DUH, I left it on the dryer. What a doof.) So we will see how it goes. I would hope that you who read my blogs will check out my journals and comment on them or create your own journals and send them my way so I can comment on yours. It will be fun if we make it fun! So again, that you Maddyxz for the idea! Now I am off to buy a nice new journal! (just bought some pencils the other excited to use them!!!)

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