Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oo, not sure why I made this blog!

I am pretty much new to blogging!
So therefore nobody will read this post and I am ok with that.
This is primarily for me to get my thoughts out and if people want to read my thoughts, cool!
A few things about me!
I am only 5 feet tall and wear size 6 shoes for the most part.
I love the word antiseptic. Say it...ANTISEPTIC! Ain't it just beautiful!
I believe there is a God, maybe more than one.
I believe in UFO's and that Aliens created the Crop Circles!
I want a pet skunk, their smell does not bother me at all! Weird I know!
My eyes are hazel!
I am dyslexic with numbers.
That is all for now!
So if you read this, good for you! :D

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